New Process for Google Business Profile Verification With Video

How to Verify your Google Business Profile (formerly GMB)

By Dipa Gandhi, Director of SEO with 99 Calls 

NOTE: Visit this latest new blog for the most recent ways to complete video verification of your Google Business Profile, https://blog.99calls.com/2022/10/18/new-process-for-google-business-profile-verification-with-video-2/.

Since the beginning of December 2021 Google has been undergoing several changes. For instance, Google My Business (GMB) was renamed to Google Business Profile (GBP). Just recently, another big change 99 Calls has experienced is the new video verification for newly created Google Business Profiles. This is sure to create some confusion, and we’ve outlined the steps to help businesses complete the video verification process.

What We Experienced

A new Google Business Profile was created as usual for a new lead generation customer. As usual, a postcard was requested to complete the PIN code verification. However, once the PIN arrived in the mail and our customer notified us, we were not able to enter the PIN to complete the verification process. Rather, a new video verification process was prompted, which looks like this:

Should you receive this added video verification requirement, the following will need to be completed. Your video should include these items Google’s listed:

Once you have prepared the required items and you are at your business location and ready, you will be prompted to record a video. 

You will need to be signed in to the account where your Google Business Profile exists.

Once you click “Start Recording”, you are given a QR code, which you need to scan using your mobile device, 

Once scanned, you are prompted to do the following on your phone:

Which you want to “Allow”, then:

And again, click “Allow”.

Finally you will see this screen where you can start your recording:

Though this process of getting your Google Business Profile is more cumbersome than the simple PIN code verification, it may prevent more spammy Google Business Profiles in the search results and on maps. 

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