Newly Created Google Business Profiles Suspended Upon Verification

Are your newly created Google Business Profiles (GBP) getting suspended upon verification? 

We know seeing this in your dashboard can be scary!

Once again we’re experiencing another big change in the last couple of weeks since “Google My Business” underwent other recent changes. 

What we’re experiencing this time……

One of the main methods the team at 99 Calls uses to generated exclusive leads is through our organic/SEO marketing service. Part of this service includes the creation of a Google Business Profile when the customer doesn’t already have one, and enhancing it when they do. Lately, we’ve encountered issues when building a new GBP for customers. 

Frequently after creating a Google Business Profile (GBP), and completing the verification process via PIN code, the GBP was automatically suspended. As someone trying to help a business grow, this could be quite frustrating.

Why is this happening in the first place?

We suspect Google is trying to take more measures to provide people with the most accurate information on Google Search and Maps by avoiding spam listings thereby requiring further proof of business in order to have a verified Google Business Profile. The majority of the Google Business Profiles being suspended upon verification are service area businesses such as contractors, plumbers, electricians, house cleaners, etc, which also account for the majority of spam listings in Google Search and Maps.

What we found though was that if the business is registered with the state and the GBP was created using the same business name and address as is on the state registration, and the GBP follows Google guidelines, then there’s no issue with getting your GBP reinstated. 

How To Get a GBP Reinstated:

You would simply need to appeal for reinstatement, and at the bottom of the form where you have the option of submitting attachments, you can submit a screenshot of the business’s state registration. Within 2 days, you should receive an email from Google stating your GBP was reinstated. 

On the other hand, if your newly created GBP was suspended upon verification and your business is not registered with the state, it could be a bit more challenging to get your GBP reinstated, but once again, if you’ve followed Google’s guidelines and you can show proof of business, you should get reinstated within a few days. In this case, you will want to go ahead and appeal for reinstatement, but don’t include an attachment. Within 2 days if you receive an email asking for other proof of business (*see screenshot for this email sample), simply reply back to that email including any documents you have as proof of business with the name of the business and the address you used on that document. Once Google’s verification team has a chance to look over your information, you will receive an email back letting you know if they’ve reinstated your GBP or not.

Once you’ve appealed for reinstatement of your GBP, be patient. If you haven’t heard back in a day or two, wait a bit longer. Google will get back to you. Appealing for reinstatement a second time will slow down the process, and essentially take even longer. Also, once you’ve received an initial response from Google regarding your appeal, be sure to use that email as your communication chain for that business so Google can keep it under one case number and they have a record of all communication.

So not to worry….

Yes, a suspended Google Business Profile can be frustrating, but if you are following all of Google’s guidelines, you have no reason to worry about it. You can get your GBP reinstated. If you are a sole proprietor, you probably have not registered your business with the state. This is done with corporations and partnerships. As long as you have a bank account under your business name, even if you work out of your home, and you receive mail for your business at your home address, you should not have an issue with getting your GBP verified.