99 Calls Partner Spotlight

by Danielle Giarrusso

In continuation of highlighting a business partner each week during National Lawn and Garden Month, 99 Calls is proud to feature BMF Masonry and its owner, Jack Sinani. Located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, Jack has been a specialized Mason since 1999.

How Jack Got Started in The Masonry Industry

Masonry is a family business for Jack. His father entered the masonry industry and established his own business. When Jack’s father was ready to retire, it aligned perfectly with Jack’s desire to give the masonry business a try. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a skilled mason. Jack took over the masonry business where he has found his true passion, and years later, still loves what he’s doing.

The Challenges of Business Ownership

Like anyone new to business ownership, Jack quickly became aware of the challenges of owning and operating a business. From learning the ins and outs of the day-to-day operations, maintaining quality customer relationships, meeting customer needs, and preserving a good reputation, Jack quickly realized he found his true calling as a business owner. Throughout his many years in business, Jack has learned that keeping his customers happy has led to repeat business and a trusted name, which in turn means quality to others.

Past and Present Inspirations

Upon going into business, Jack learned a lot from his father. Having made so many wonderful memories working alongside his father, Jack found his inspiration and continued to build a strong business that would last for years to come. Now, Jack says that every day, his team of employees continues to inspire him to keep the business thriving and to keep serving others. In addition to his reliable team, Jack’s long list of happy customers has played a huge part in the inspiration behind the business and its success today.

Future Plans for Jack and BMF Masonry

Having owned and loved BMF Masonry for so many years, Jack plans to stay in business as long as possible until retirement. His future goals for the company are to expand the business and keep growing as long as he’s able! 

How 99 Calls Has Helped BMF Masonry

When we asked Jack how using 99 Calls has helped his business grow, he replied, “I am happy with all my services. My organic service performs really well, averaging 25 leads per month. I am consistently ranking on the 1st page of Google when someone searches for a Mason. My business has greatly improved over the years and the leads have turned into multiple referrals which keeps us quite busy.”

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