Effectiveness of Local Service Ads: Three Service Contractor Case Studies

Local Service Ads (LSA), a.k.a. Google Guaranteed, a Google product used for advertising, has gained popularity among service area businesses in the last couple of years. It was initially rolled out in 2018 to certain service industries such as plumbers and house cleaners, in certain regions of the United States. After small business owners experienced the benefits of high-quality, low-cost leads, Google expanded its reach to other areas and other service industries year after year. 

Almost two years ago, 99 Calls started offering LSA services to service contractors. Overall, customers have been pleased with the ROI they’ve seen and have found that Google Guaranteed leads are far less expensive than using Google’s Pay Per Click advertising. Below, we’ll present experiences from three different clients who offer services for three different industries.

Google Guaranteed for Carpet Cleaners

Meet Terrence Green of Spotless Carpet Cleaning Services

Terrence grew up in the floor cleaning industry. His parents and grandparents were flooring specialists and small business owners. He cleaned floors in schools during the summer months and thought using the big buffing machine “was the coolest thing ever”. After working with his family in Detroit he decided to make a move to Arizona, where he opened his own business, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Service

Over the years, Terrence dabbled with running Facebook Ads and handing out flyers, but was not able to generate a sustainable lead volume. He partnered with 99 Calls in July 2021, utilizing organic SEO, and Google PPC services, and was later introduced to LSA by Kevin Brenes, his PPC specialist. 

Of all of these advertising methods, here’s what Terrence had to say about LSA, “Leads from LSA are bigger jobs compared to PPC, but the quality of leads from both the LSA and PPC is far superior compared to Facebook.” When asked how easy or difficult was the LSA setup, “You made it really easy for me” – very easy to get set, not complicated. The background check was very easy….just answer all the questions and it didn’t take long at all.”

Terrence’s LSA has been live since Dec 10, 2022, with carpet cleaning as his primary industry. Below is a chart showing his lead volume and cost per lead in January 2023. Overall, he received 84 exclusive carpet cleaning leads from LSA at a cost per lead of just $25.11 each, which is the same price he pays for organic leads from 99 Calls. He’s thrilled with his ROI.

Google Guaranteed for HVAC Contractors

Meet Chris Kirkman of A Plus Air Conditioning and Appliances

Chris started his career working for a large HVAC business. He was constantly pushed to upsell their products and their services, even when they weren’t a great fit. After exhaustion from going from customer to customer just upselling, Chris decided to buy his first air conditioning company in 1996 and is currently the proud owner of A Plus Air Conditioning and Appliances Inc., serving all areas from Broward to Vero Beach FL.

Over the years, Chris tried multiple marketing companies to promote his business online, including organic SEO and Google’s PPC. After many years of disappointment and less than stellar results, he partnered with 99 Calls in September 2021. Along with website hosting, he utilized organic SEO lead generation and was introduced to LSA by Dipa Gandhi, the LSA specialist. 

Of all of the advertising methods he’s tried over the years, here’s what Chris had to say about LSA, “Other Ads seem to be a scam….out of 50 calls only 5 are real…..LSA is real and seems to work. I am very, very happy with 99 Calls Google Guaranteed services so far. Both the lead volume and quantity are very impressive. I don’t see any type of “odd” calls. Strictly air conditioning calls in our area. The only people I would use for any advertising is 99 Calls and Dipa for the LSA part.

Chris is planning to partner with his son to expand his HVAC services even further and plans to use 99 Calls for his advertising in new markets.

Chris’s LSA has been live since Oct 9, 2022, with HVAC as his primary industry. Below is a chart showing his lead volume and cost per lead in January 2023. With a budget of $1140.82, he received 24 exclusive HVAC leads at an average cost of $47.53 each. Google Ads campaigns generate HVAC leads at 2-3 times the price.

Google Guaranteed for House Cleaning Businesses

Meet Ellen Malhue of Red Services and Solutions Company

Ellen immigrated to this country from Brazil with her parents as a teenager. She and her mom started working in the cleaning industry while her father worked in construction. After living in the United States, learning English, and gaining knowledge on starting a business, Ellen and her mom started Red Services and Solutions Company, a house cleaning business serving clients in Fellsmere, FL.  

Ellen promoted her business flyers and taking advantage of online directories such as Bark. She then came to 99 Calls for organic lead generation services. After a couple of months, she decided to try LSA as well. Here’s what Ellen had to say about 99 Calls LSA services for house cleaners, “LSA has been a game changer. The difference between organic and LSA is that LSA clients are ready now. Organic seems like people are shopping around. The cost per lead is a fair price for the type of work generated per call. Plus we have a high closing rate via LSA because those customers are ready to go.”

99 Calls provides LSA setup at a low price and walks customers through a couple of portions that must be completed by them, including the billing and background check sections. Ellen says “It’s a process, but because I’ve been through other hurdles as an immigrant and learning everything there is to learn about moving from one country to another, is was easy, but it’s a process just like any other”.

Ellen’s LSA campaign has been live since Oct 13, 2022, with house cleaning as her primary industry. Below is a chart showing her lead volume and cost per lead in January 2023. Ellen has also signed on for 99 Calls calendar booking service, which allows customers to book appointments directly from her lead site. The appointment calendar integrates with her Google calendar. She generated 46 exclusive house cleaning leads from the LSA campaign, with the average lead cost at $27.56.

Google Guaranteed Works for Local Contractors

LSA Has Rapidly Become a Favored 99 Calls Service

Although the lead volume overall has been lighter via LSA campaigns than through Google Ads PPC campaigns, most contractors are finding that Google Guaranteed leads are of excellent quality and value. Many clients in other industries, including roofing and appliance repair have also had great success with Google’s LSA. The process is fairly simple and mostly turn-key. 99 Calls specialists complete the process for business owners and walk them through the necessary steps. It does take time to complete the verification process, but the payoff is spectacular. If you are interested in taking advantage of high value, low cost leads using LSA services, you can learn more at https://99calls.com/Google-LSA.htm.

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