Pawgo Mobile Pet Grooming

Customer Success Spotlight

by Devon Osborne

Pawgo is a mobile pet grooming company that is dedicated to making the grooming process as stress-free and comfortable as possible for your pet. They understand that it can be a hassle to take your pet to the salon, so they bring the salon to you. Their vans are custom-built and designed with the specific purpose of providing mobile dog grooming. Each van is equipped with hot and cold water, a grooming table, a full-size tub, separate fresh and waste water tanks, air conditioning, force dryers, towels, and a vacuum system. In addition, there are no cage dryers, so your pet won’t feel trapped or uncomfortable. Pawgo is fully insured and offers a 7-day per week service, so you can get your pet groomed whenever it’s convenient for you. With Pawgo, you can trust that your pet will be in good hands and receive the best care possible.

Pawgo Seattle came to 99 Calls for mobile pet grooming lead generation services in December of 2022. They signed up for two lead generation services with the goal of generating lots of leads quickly and having a longer-term source of additional leads. The team at 99 Calls set up a website and began an organic campaign as well as a Google Ads PPC campaign. Within the first hour of their Google Ads being live, they began generating leads. Pawgo generated 7 exclusive, qualified organic leads in their first three months with 99 Calls. With online competition growing and the organic section of Google search pages shrinking, generating results so quickly with SEO services is rare to see these days. In addition to their fantastic organic results, Pawgo received 47 leads via pay-per-click advertising. 

When it comes to pay-per-click Google ads, the industry standard conversion rate sits around only 5%, but the certified ads professionals at 99 Calls were able to attain a 34% conversion rate in Pawgo Seattle’s account. This high conversion rate allowed us to generate a high volume of low-cost pet grooming leads at only $23.22 each.

After seeing the success of their Seattle location, Pawgo decided to start a second site and PPC ads campaign with 99 Calls for their Las Vegas location at the end of January 2023. After just  5 weeks, they received  16 qualified mobile pet grooming leads generated organically. 

Just like their Seattle location, Pawgo’s Las Vegas location began generating pay-per-click leads right out of the gate. As of March 14th, 99 Calls has been able to produce over 300 leads at only $4 each. In this account, the hardworking Google Ads team has attained a 40% conversion rate for this location, eight times the national average!

If you have a mobile pet grooming business and are looking for a high volume of low-cost, qualified, exclusive leads, Google Ads are a great way to do so. If you’re not 100% confident in your Google Ads ability, consider partnering with a team of certified Google Ad professionals like 99 Calls.

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