Customer Spotlight: System4

A Lead Generation Triumph for Franchise Owner, Justin Adler

by Jake Ramer and Diane Lovine

Justin Adler, an entrepreneur with a family legacy of business ownership, embarked on a journey to create his own success story. Armed with 16 years of experience in sales and a desire to make a difference,

Justin set out to find a franchise opportunity that would allow him to build his own legacy. Little did he know that his path would lead him to the world of commercial cleaning and a fruitful partnership with 99 Calls that would transform his business.

From Sales Specialist to Business Owner

Justin’s journey began as a sales and business development specialist in the medical and B2B sectors. His early exposure to his mother’s small business ignited his passion for entrepreneurship. After honing his skills in sales, Justin felt the time was right to venture into business ownership. His vision was clear: to create something that solved a problem and offered an exceptional product or service.

The System4 Opportunity

Justin’s quest for the right franchise brought him to System4, a well-established commercial cleaning franchise. Despite having no prior experience in the cleaning industry, Justin was drawn to System4’s strong footing in the commercial cleaning space and its comprehensive support system for franchise owners. With his extensive sales background, he saw an opportunity to succeed in a new field.

Guiding Principles and Commitment to Quality

Justin understood the importance of defining his company’s guiding principles. He wanted his business to reflect his own personal virtues. When asked what set his cleaning business apart, Justin emphasized, “Our promise is that we reach out to leads within the 1st hour of receiving them. Our guarantee is that we will provide a customized solution for our clients’ operations that are within their budgets, whether they are looking for cleaning and disinfection services or repair/maintenance.” This commitment to quick responses and quality services laid the foundation for consistent excellence.

The Challenge of Lead Generation

One of the most significant challenges Justin faced as a business owner was finding leads to fuel his company’s growth. It was this challenge that led him to partner with 99 Calls, a game-changer in the lead generation arena.

Partnering with 99 Calls Lead Generation

By the time Justin discovered 99 Calls, he had already acquired three System4 locations. A fellow System4 franchise owner from the Pacific Northwest recommended 99 Calls, citing impressive results. The 99 Calls team swiftly set up three local lead sites and launched Google Ads campaigns in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, focusing on disinfection services, office cleaning, and floor maintenance. The results were nothing short of astounding.

Remarkable Results

The impact of Justin’s partnership with 99 Calls was most evident in his Atlanta location. Over three years of consistent advertising, the location had generated just ten leads through organic search. However, 99 Calls refined Justin’s Google Ads PPC campaign, resulting in an astonishing 190 leads at an average cost of $71, nearly half the industry average.

System4 Georgia PPC Results 9/2020 – 9/2023

Continued Growth and Expansion

Buoyed by the success of his lead generation efforts with 99 Calls, Justin expanded his business, acquiring a fourth location in July 2021 and a fifth in March 2022. His newest location, System4 of DC, has already generated 39 organic and 138 PPC leads in just 18 months, showcasing consistently high ROI.

System4 of DC PPC Lead Volume 3/2022 – 9/2022

A Bright Future

Justin’s journey as a business owner has been filled with challenges, but he embraces them with enthusiasm. He shared, “Pressure is a privilege,” a quote that inspires him to thrive in the business world. With nearly 1,000 leads generated and over $300,000 in annualized revenue from online marketing, Justin’s entrepreneurial journey is on a trajectory of exponential growth.

As Justin continues to lead his five successful locations, he has no plans to slow down. He’s confident that 99 Calls delivers “the best leads” and is excited about the future. Justin emphasized the importance of building a strong team to overcome business challenges, and he envisions expanding into new markets within his current territory and acquiring more franchise locations.

The team at 99 Calls is confident that Justin’s future is as bright as the leads they provide, and they look forward to witnessing his continued success. Justin Adler’s story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the transformative impact of high-quality lead generation.

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