The Importance of High-Quality reviews on Your Google Business Profile

by Dipa Gandhi

You might be wondering why getting positive reviews on Google Business Profiles is so important. Have you ever wondered, “I know people rave about my business, how can I spread the word so that others will give it a chance too”? Getting reviews on Google has the power to do just that.

Five-star, high-quality reviews on your Google Business Profile (GBP) will draw attention to all the great things about your business offerings. They often are the tipping point that can drive someone to make the call to book an appointment. Following a plan to continually request positive reviews from happy customers should be a part of every business’s marketing strategy.

Positive Reviews Elevate GBP Rankings & Visibility

One major ranking factor for your GBP is high-quality, positive reviews. The greater the steady influx of high-quality, positive reviews on your GBP, the better it will rank, and possibly move your GBP up to the Local Pack. What does “high-quality reviews” mean? Reviews with just a star rating without any text or reviews simply saying “Great Job” aren’t as effective as reviews that mention the type of service provided, or even better, reviews with photos included. For example, a high-quality review might read “Bob and his team did a great job with my roof replacement. The entire process was seamless. Thank you!”. This review includes the type of service Bob provided this customer, which is also a key service he is trying to receive leads for. To take this review one step further, the customer might have added a couple of photos of the completed job.

Great Reviews Build Trust

How many times have you decided to move forward with a product or service based on the number of positive customer reviews? A positive experience described or photos shared by a customer “speaks a thousand words”. The more customers you ask to share their great experience with you and your business, the more affirming it is for your potential customers. People want to feel that they can trust you and count on you and your business. The more positive reviews you have, the better your click-through rate will be. 

Bonus Points for Speed: Your Quick Response is Valued

Once a customer has left a review on your GBP, whether positive or negative, it is crucial to respond to this review. Your speedy response shows consumers that you truly care about your customers and your business. If you receive a negative review, a professional response to it could also show your customers your side of the situation and that you worked within your power to remedy the situation. People want to know that you will be fair and trustworthy. Also, Google scans for review responses, which could help with your GBP’s rankings.

Lots of Positive Reviews Improve Website Traffic and Rankings

How reviews on GBP improves website traffic ties in with how they also improve click-through rates. When people see all of your positive reviews, they are likely to click to visit your website. The greater the traffic to your website, the better your website will rank. When your landing pages are relevant and compelling, customers are likely to stay on the pages longer and read them, which also increases the rankings of your pages, making them more likely to show up in organic searches. 

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