Lead Generation for Rural Businesses

Google Guaranteed produces quality leads at low prices in less competitive and rural locations

by Dipa Gandhi

Over the last few years, Local Service Ads (LSA), otherwise known as Google Guaranteed, has gained popularity among service area businesses such as plumbers, house cleaners, carpet cleaners, and others. The service was launched on a trial basis for select industries in select cities in 2015. Since then, the team at 99 Calls has learned the ins and outs of LSA creation and optimization and provides it as a low cost lead service option.

In 2019, we published a blog about how businesses can gain more clients through LSA. This blog describes how the Google Guaranteed Ads are shown at the very top of the search results, which helps local businesses stand out, attract more customers, and build trust and credibility.

After creating and managing LSAs for many of our clients through the years, the team has mastered Google LSA. We recently published a case study on 3 of our clients, in 3 different industries showing how LSAs helped their business.

Though LSA’s popularity has grown nationwide, it is not yet available to all regions of the US and has not gained popularity in certain regions.

How LSAs Can Help Rural Businesses

So now let’s see how LSAs can help those service area businesses in rural areas or in areas where LSAs haven’t quite yet gained popularity. Let’s take a look at an example. When you Google search “house cleaning in Tampa FL”, the search results are:

The results display 33 active LSAs, meaning the competition is quite steep and will require a well-optimized LSA with a healthy budget and plenty of reviews, and many months to potentially climb to one of the top 3 positions.

On the other hand, when you Google search “house cleaning in Prattville, AL”, the results are:

Then when you click on “more house cleaners in Prattville” you see there’s only 1 active LSA with the Google Guaranteed badge currently running in the Prattville, AL area, meaning competition for the top 3 positions is extremely low. A cleaning business with a small marketing budget stands an excellent chance here of generating low-cost leads.

If a new house cleaning company were to start an LSA campaign and get it completely verified with the Google Guaranteed badge, that business is guaranteed to show up in the top 3 spots on the 1st page of the search results.

If you own a service area business in a rural area, building a Google Guaranteed campaign now would be a smart way to invest marketing dollars. Your chances of attaining a position in one of the top 3 spots in the search results are excellent. Google Guaranteed can help your service area business stand out, attract more customers, and build trust and credibility. And even more importantly, can provide an excellent ROI on your marketing budget, as leads generated through LSA are often far less expensive than through Google Ads Pay Per Click campaigns.

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