Help! I’ve passed my LSA verification requirements but the Google Guaranteed badge is not displayed.

by Dipa Gandhi

Local Service Ads (LSA), or Google Guaranteed, has increasingly grown in popularity among service area businesses, in spite of the strict verification requirements, such as a background check for the business owner. Because this prestigious badge enhances a business’s credibility and boosts visibility, more and more businesses are including this in their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, spammers have also found a way to complete the requirements for multiple LSAs to spam the market, as explained in this Aug 2022 article by SearchEngineLand.

In order to prevent this, Google’s been forced to implement stricter measures to avoid spammy LSAs, resulting in even more stringent standards to display your Google Guaranteed badge next to your LSA. In this blog, we’ll present some common reasons why the badge might not be appearing despite passing LSA verification requirements.


One of the reasons why the Google Guaranteed badge might not be displayed is a suspension of your account. Account suspension can occur due to violations of Google’s policies, such as misleading content, fraudulent practices, or inappropriate behavior. In this situation, you’ll want to review Google’s guidelines, rectify any violations, and submit an appeal to reinstate your account.

Delinquent Payments & Valid Credit Card

Failure to make timely payments for Google Ads can lead to the suspension or removal of the Google Guaranteed badge. It is vital to ensure that your payment method is up to date and that you promptly settle any outstanding balances. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your credit card is up to date and hasn’t expired or the card wasn’t closed. Regularly monitor your billing statements and make necessary payments to avoid losing your Google Guaranteed badge.

Advertiser Verification

Sometimes, despite passing LSA verification requirements, the Google Guaranteed badge may not appear due to incomplete advertiser verification, which is an additional verification requirement Google recently enforced. This form can be found here. You should review your verification status within your Google Ads account and ensure that all necessary steps have been completed. Double-check your business information, contact details, and any required documentation. Submitting accurate and up-to-date information will expedite the verification process.

Daily Ads Budget

In some cases, the absence of the Google Guaranteed badge can be attributed to a low daily ads budget. Though Google Ads and LSA are separate channels of advertising, they share the same Google Billing umbrella and therefore can affect your LSA as well. Google encourages advertisers to have an adequate budget to maximize their reach and exposure. Consider increasing your daily ads budget to optimize your campaign performance and potentially trigger displaying the badge. The daily budget can be increased either through your PPC dashboard or by completing this form.

Obtaining the Google Guaranteed badge is a significant achievement for any business looking to boost its online presence and establish trust with potential customers. Though it can be frustrating when encountering obstacles such as suspension, delinquent payments, incomplete advertiser verification, or insufficient ad budgets, it can be rewarding in the end. Keep in mind, setting up an LSA, you’ll want to regularly monitor your account, adhere to Google’s policies, make timely payments, complete the necessary verification process, and optimize your ads budget to unlock the full potential of the Google Guaranteed badge.

Remember, the Google Guaranteed badge is a prestigious badge that will enhance your credibility and boost your visibility. By taking the necessary steps to overcome any roadblocks, you’ll be well on your way to leveraging the power of the badge and maximizing your digital marketing efforts.

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