Database Reactivation

Re-Engaging Inactive Leads

by Devon Osborne

Running a database reactivation campaign is an excellent way to turn stale contacts into hot leads. If you’ve been in business for several years, it is very likely that you have a database full of old contacts and you’re not actively re-engaging them, you’re missing out on potential revenue. Keeping your contacts regularly engaged with reactivation campaigns keeps your business top of mind. 

Keep Your Contact List Up To Date

Although the goal of reaching out to contacts for them to unsubscribe may seem backward, it’s actually not a bad thing! Having contacts that are no longer interested in your list and continually reaching out to them can actually damage your domain reputation and result in more of your emails going to spam. Running reactivation campaigns on a regular basis can help clean up your contact list so you can focus on those truly interested in your services. Once you run a few reactivation campaigns, your list will be more targeted meaning a better response rate and lower cost leads!

Low-Cost Lead Generation

If you have collected a contact list of leads received through the years, your coffer is likely full of people who have already reached out to you. They are already aware of your business and your offerings, which means they are more likely to convert when you send them an enticing email or text about your latest offerings. The cost of reactivating older contacts is a fraction of the cost of acquiring new ones, making it an affordable way to keep your calendar full. 99 Calls has been able to generate leads for less than a quarter of the price of new exclusive organic leads. 

What Do I Have To Do?

If you’re considering running a database reactivation campaign, there are a few things you should have lined up before you begin.

First, you need to figure out an incentive to promote. Whether it be a discount or special financing, you want to figure out something special that makes you stand out and get contacts wanting to respond to take advantage.

Second, you need to ensure you’re going to be available to respond to the inquiries as quickly as possible and be prepared with openings in your schedule and necessary products to fulfill orders.

Finally, you will need to build attractive and compelling email and text campaigns and send them to your contacts in a controlled drip. You’ll also need to track responses so that all can be handled quickly. If you are not familiar with building drip campaigns, call the pros at 99 Calls and we’ll set it all up for you!

The Next Level: Lead Nurturing 

Additionally, there are strategies that can be used to maximize conversions of the new leads that you receive from your website, Google Business Profile or social media platform. Not all leads close after the first form fill or phone call. Lead nurturing is a marketing strategy to engage leads that didn’t convert instantly. They increase a business’s chances of being called when the customer is ready to buy. Established businesses have usually amassed quite a few contacts.

What is the difference between database reactivation and lead nurturing? Really jus the timing. A database reactivation campaign consists of targeted emails and/or text messages that are designed to re-engage contacts and entice them to book appointments for quotes. Lead nurturing is a strategy used to engage new leads that come in until they book an appointment or end the communication. Lead nurturing and database reactivation don’t generate new leads Instead, they reduce acquisition costs and increase revenue by increasing the conversion rates of the leads that are generated. This is a powerful strategy to make the most of each lead.

In Summary…

Running a database reactivation campaign is a great way to reach out to those contacts you haven’t heard from in a while and bring them back into the fold. Continuing with a nurturing program will keep those contacts engaged until they are ready to hire you. With the right incentives and quick response time, you can turn those cold contacts into hot leads.

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