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How Lead Generation has Expanded a NYC Painting Business

One of the many industries we service here at 99 Calls is painting. Currently, we service nearly 150 painters around the country. Everywhere from Seattle to Los Angeles to Miami. Each of these contractors brings with them their own story, unique style, and particular needs in regard to their business. Consumers have been cutting expenses, and producing leads for services such as painting is more difficult than ever. 

NYCA Contractors specializes in cabinet refinishing projects with over 11 years in the industry. Family-owned and operated, since 2009. They are proud experts in this field, offering high-quality finishes and transforming your kitchen to a brand-new look. High-end cabinet refinishing with HVLP Sprayers makes the look unique and the quality of the final product long-lasting. They have now expanded to serve large portions of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Philadelphia.

Meet Albano Sheme, Owner Operator of NYCA Contractors

We interviewed Albano Sheme, owner of NYCA Contractors to learn more about his business and his experience with 99 Calls. Albano has a background in painting and was raised around the family painting business. Eventually, he chose to venture out on his own. He wanted to be able to apply his skills and implement his own ideas. Painting at a high level was nothing new to Albano, but owning and operating a company would of course prove to be a challenge. 

Initially facing high operating costs. It was tough, but Albano was “100% dedicated to the work”, and states that was the key to his success. By channeling the experience he gained from his family and mentor of 15 years, his personal drive influenced the growth of his business. NYCA has now grown larger than he initially imagined. 

We asked him, “What have you learned from being a business owner?”. Albano replied, “Like every other entrepreneur, I am sure the answer is the same. We have bad days and good days. We just have to keep going no matter what.”. He credited 99 Calls as being a huge support for his business and we are proud to be partners with him and his team. 

NYCA and 99 Calls Partnership

NYCA originally came to us at the beginning of 2020. Just before the worldwide pandemic. At that time they were interested in producing high-quality exclusive leads. They were fed up with paying high costs for leads that were shared with four or five different painting contractors. They also needed a true team of specialists to promote their unique style of product. 

They now have 6 locations spanning across four states. It takes a lot of work and various approaches across these markets to produce results. However, the primary revenue driver for NYCA is leads produced from PPC Ads. With online competition growing and the organic section of Google search pages shrinking, effective Ads are a key component of any successful painting business. 

Lead Generation Results

When it comes to pay-per-click Google ads, the industry standard conversion rate sits around only 5%, but the certified ads professionals at 99 Calls were able to produce an average of 20% conversion rates across all NYCA accounts. This high conversion rate allowed us to generate a high volume of cabinet leads. 

Since starting with us NYCA in New York and New Jersey has produced over 1225 leads from Google Ads and 637 leads from SEO. Making it one of the most successful advertising campaigns in the Tri-State area for cabinet painting and refinishing. In addition to this, we have produced an additional 155 SEO exclusive leads in other parts of New York and New Jersey in the last 3 years. 

After seeing the success of its NYC location, NYCA decided to start an additional site in Philadelphia in the fall of 2022. Then another additional site to start the summer of 2023 in Connecticut. This does not include the various expansions in both New Jersey and New York. 

Here is just a small sample of what our team has been able to accomplish in NYC and Northern New Jersey.  Dating all the way back to the summer of 2020 the team has consistently produced more and more leads. Now 30-40 exclusive cabinet leads per month is the norm. Even reaching high spots of success of around 50 leads or more in a single month.  

Rising Costs & Business Challenges

The most important thing for a growing company with a large team is the volume of leads. One of the biggest challenges has been click cost, some of these markets have clicks for cabinet painting services that can be as high as $20 each. There is little margin for error if an ad converts at a low rate or leads are missed. Then lead costs can become unreasonable, especially when we are trying to produce such effective results at scale. 

One thing that has helped us offset rising click costs, is producing a large steady flow of exclusive SEO leads. These make all the difference in the ROI NYCA receives from their advertising. Now in each market we enter we are looking to establish a strong and robust online presence. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry when it comes to SEO. 

The Future of NYCA

The team recently had a consultation with Albano to discuss his success to this point and the plan for the future. NYCA plans to continue to expand around the country. We have looked at markets such as Florida, or Texas for future locations. Albano is closing a high percentage of the leads he receives. We plan on growing NYCA’s online presence in the newest markets we have entered. While continuing to expand and maintain success in New York and New Jersey. The team at 99 calls will continue to put our full effort into getting as many leads as possible at the lowest cost per lead. 

If you have a painting or interior remodeling business and are looking for a high volume of qualified, exclusive leads, Google Ads are a great way to do so. If you’re not 100% confident in your Google Ads ability, consider partnering with a team of certified Google Ad professionals like 99 Calls.

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