Customer Spotlight – Yimi Skin Spa

Unleashing the Power of Targeted Google Ads with SEO Strategies to Drive Digital Marketing Success

by Kirstin Raisch

Online visibility and effective marketing strategies are crucial for the success of any business. Many business owners may not be sure what path to take to be successful with digital marketing. 99 Calls has helped Yimi Skin Spa find success with running digital marketing campaigns.

Yimi’s Specialty Post-Surgery Offerings

Yimi Skin Spa specializes in providing exceptional care to patients seeking pain relief, improved fascial mobility, and manual postoperative lymphatic drainage. With a diverse range of services for post-surgery recovery assistance, Yimi Skin Spa is dedicated to supporting patients throughout their healing journey. Recognizing the significance of the recovery phase in the healing process, Yimi places great emphasis on this crucial aspect of patient care. Their team of skilled professionals works diligently to assist patients in achieving optimal results and regaining their well-being after surgery. 

Yimi Skin Spa’s commitment to excellence ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care within the industry. With a compassionate approach and a focus on personalized treatment plans, they strive to address each patient’s unique needs effectively. Whether managing post-surgery discomfort, enhancing fascial mobility, or promoting lymphatic system health, Yimi Skin Spa is dedicated to helping patients achieve a smoother and more comfortable recovery journey. With their expertise and dedication, patients trust Yimi Skin Spa to provide the best care and support throughout the healing process.

The Journey Begins

 Yimi Skin Spa started a digital marketing program with 99 calls back in March 2022. With over 10 years of experience in medical lymphatic drainage & post-surgery recovery, Yimi Skin Spa wanted help with getting positioned in front of people needing their services. That’s why they called 99 calls, seeking help with their online marketing and a way to generate more leads. With the help of experienced digital marketing specialists, they were able to begin their journey into the digital marketing world. 99 calls had set them on the path with two robust services, Organic, and Google Advertisement. With Yimi Skin Spa heading down this path, only time could tell how powerful these two services could be to the company. 

Understanding the Power of Organic Strategies

99 calls understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in driving organic traffic and visibility to the site. Leveraging social media platforms and engaging with the community builds trust and a strong online presence. Harnessing the potential of online reviews and testimonials boosts credibility and attracts potential clients. Crafting compelling content that resonates with the target audience establishes the company as an industry authority. With these factors in play, Yimi Skin Spa has been able to hone in on its industry and take it by storm! 

Harnessing Google Ads for Strategic Growth

When it comes to generating leads with a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, 99 calls can navigate the intricacies of Google Ads and create targeted campaigns that drive quality leads. Using keyword research and optimization the team can achieve maximum visibility and conversion rates. Crafting persuasive ad copy and designing captivating landing pages encourage user engagement. With 99 calls managing the Yimi Skin Spas Google Ads account, Yimi saw the benefit of using Google Ads to generate leads very quickly. 

With an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, the unity between SEO content and Google Ads is vital for businesses seeking to maximize their online presence. By combining the long-term benefits of SEO with the immediate impact of Google Ads, companies can create a robust digital marketing campaign that ensures a strong and sustainable online presence. 

The Journey Continues!

When Yimi Skin Spa first started working with 99 Calls for lead generation, they had the lead team build a PPC campaign to get leads coming faster than SEO would yield. After seeing quick results over the first few months, they were able to pull back on paid Google Ads spending and gain enough new leads per month through SEO/Organic lead generation efforts.

The success story of Yimi Skin Spa serves as a testament to the potential of integrating organic strategies and Google Ads to drive business growth. By harnessing the power of search engine optimization, compelling content creation, and targeted paid advertising, Yimi Skin Spa has emerged as a frontrunner in their industry, attracting a loyal customer base and achieving unparalleled success. Their journey offers valuable insights and inspiration for other businesses seeking to leverage the power of digital marketing to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.   


Database Reactivation

Re-Engaging Inactive Leads

by Devon Osborne

Running a database reactivation campaign is an excellent way to turn stale contacts into hot leads. If you’ve been in business for several years, it is very likely that you have a database full of old contacts and you’re not actively re-engaging them, you’re missing out on potential revenue. Keeping your contacts regularly engaged with reactivation campaigns keeps your business top of mind. 

Keep Your Contact List Up To Date

Although the goal of reaching out to contacts for them to unsubscribe may seem backward, it’s actually not a bad thing! Having contacts that are no longer interested in your list and continually reaching out to them can actually damage your domain reputation and result in more of your emails going to spam. Running reactivation campaigns on a regular basis can help clean up your contact list so you can focus on those truly interested in your services. Once you run a few reactivation campaigns, your list will be more targeted meaning a better response rate and lower cost leads!

Low-Cost Lead Generation

If you have collected a contact list of leads received through the years, your coffer is likely full of people who have already reached out to you. They are already aware of your business and your offerings, which means they are more likely to convert when you send them an enticing email or text about your latest offerings. The cost of reactivating older contacts is a fraction of the cost of acquiring new ones, making it an affordable way to keep your calendar full. 99 Calls has been able to generate leads for less than a quarter of the price of new exclusive organic leads. 

What Do I Have To Do?

If you’re considering running a database reactivation campaign, there are a few things you should have lined up before you begin.

First, you need to figure out an incentive to promote. Whether it be a discount or special financing, you want to figure out something special that makes you stand out and get contacts wanting to respond to take advantage.

Second, you need to ensure you’re going to be available to respond to the inquiries as quickly as possible and be prepared with openings in your schedule and necessary products to fulfill orders.

Finally, you will need to build attractive and compelling email and text campaigns and send them to your contacts in a controlled drip. You’ll also need to track responses so that all can be handled quickly. If you are not familiar with building drip campaigns, call the pros at 99 Calls and we’ll set it all up for you!

The Next Level: Lead Nurturing 

Additionally, there are strategies that can be used to maximize conversions of the new leads that you receive from your website, Google Business Profile or social media platform. Not all leads close after the first form fill or phone call. Lead nurturing is a marketing strategy to engage leads that didn’t convert instantly. They increase a business’s chances of being called when the customer is ready to buy. Established businesses have usually amassed quite a few contacts.

What is the difference between database reactivation and lead nurturing? Really jus the timing. A database reactivation campaign consists of targeted emails and/or text messages that are designed to re-engage contacts and entice them to book appointments for quotes. Lead nurturing is a strategy used to engage new leads that come in until they book an appointment or end the communication. Lead nurturing and database reactivation don’t generate new leads Instead, they reduce acquisition costs and increase revenue by increasing the conversion rates of the leads that are generated. This is a powerful strategy to make the most of each lead.

In Summary…

Running a database reactivation campaign is a great way to reach out to those contacts you haven’t heard from in a while and bring them back into the fold. Continuing with a nurturing program will keep those contacts engaged until they are ready to hire you. With the right incentives and quick response time, you can turn those cold contacts into hot leads.


Help! I’ve passed my LSA verification requirements but the Google Guaranteed badge is not displayed.

by Dipa Gandhi

Local Service Ads (LSA), or Google Guaranteed, has increasingly grown in popularity among service area businesses, in spite of the strict verification requirements, such as a background check for the business owner. Because this prestigious badge enhances a business’s credibility and boosts visibility, more and more businesses are including this in their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, spammers have also found a way to complete the requirements for multiple LSAs to spam the market, as explained in this Aug 2022 article by SearchEngineLand.

In order to prevent this, Google’s been forced to implement stricter measures to avoid spammy LSAs, resulting in even more stringent standards to display your Google Guaranteed badge next to your LSA. In this blog, we’ll present some common reasons why the badge might not be appearing despite passing LSA verification requirements.


One of the reasons why the Google Guaranteed badge might not be displayed is a suspension of your account. Account suspension can occur due to violations of Google’s policies, such as misleading content, fraudulent practices, or inappropriate behavior. In this situation, you’ll want to review Google’s guidelines, rectify any violations, and submit an appeal to reinstate your account.

Delinquent Payments & Valid Credit Card

Failure to make timely payments for Google Ads can lead to the suspension or removal of the Google Guaranteed badge. It is vital to ensure that your payment method is up to date and that you promptly settle any outstanding balances. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your credit card is up to date and hasn’t expired or the card wasn’t closed. Regularly monitor your billing statements and make necessary payments to avoid losing your Google Guaranteed badge.

Advertiser Verification

Sometimes, despite passing LSA verification requirements, the Google Guaranteed badge may not appear due to incomplete advertiser verification, which is an additional verification requirement Google recently enforced. This form can be found here. You should review your verification status within your Google Ads account and ensure that all necessary steps have been completed. Double-check your business information, contact details, and any required documentation. Submitting accurate and up-to-date information will expedite the verification process.

Daily Ads Budget

In some cases, the absence of the Google Guaranteed badge can be attributed to a low daily ads budget. Though Google Ads and LSA are separate channels of advertising, they share the same Google Billing umbrella and therefore can affect your LSA as well. Google encourages advertisers to have an adequate budget to maximize their reach and exposure. Consider increasing your daily ads budget to optimize your campaign performance and potentially trigger displaying the badge. The daily budget can be increased either through your PPC dashboard or by completing this form.

Obtaining the Google Guaranteed badge is a significant achievement for any business looking to boost its online presence and establish trust with potential customers. Though it can be frustrating when encountering obstacles such as suspension, delinquent payments, incomplete advertiser verification, or insufficient ad budgets, it can be rewarding in the end. Keep in mind, setting up an LSA, you’ll want to regularly monitor your account, adhere to Google’s policies, make timely payments, complete the necessary verification process, and optimize your ads budget to unlock the full potential of the Google Guaranteed badge.

Remember, the Google Guaranteed badge is a prestigious badge that will enhance your credibility and boost your visibility. By taking the necessary steps to overcome any roadblocks, you’ll be well on your way to leveraging the power of the badge and maximizing your digital marketing efforts.


How does having a logo for your business impact lead generation and SEO?

Having a logo and branding strategy can have a significant impact on lead generation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your business. Here are some ways a business logo benefits a business:

Brand Recognition: A well-designed logo and consistent branding help create a lasting, recognizable identity for your business. By consistently displaying your logo across various directories and platforms, potential customers are more likely to remember and recognize your brand, leading to trust. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of customers choosing your business when seeking relevant products or services.

Credibility: A professional logo gives the impression that your business is legitimate, established, and trustworthy. When visitors see your business as reputable, they are more likely to convert into leads or customers.

Competitive Advantage: In a competitive market, a unique logo and a strong brand help you stand out from your competitors. By consistently displaying your logo next to your business name, you differentiate yourself and attract customers who resonate with your offerings.

SEO Benefits: While logos and branding may not have a direct impact on traditional SEO, they indirectly contribute to your SEO efforts. A recognizable logo and branding encourage people to click on your website when it appears in search engine results. Higher click-through rates (CTRs) send positive signals to search engines, indicating that your website is relevant and valuable, potentially improving your organic rankings.

Social Media Engagement: Social media platforms play a crucial role in lead generation, and having a strong visual identity through your logo can significantly boost your social media engagement. Memorable logos are easily shareable and can help increase brand mentions and followers, thereby expanding your reach and generating more leads.

While logos and branding are important, they are not required nor should they be the sole marketing strategy implemented for your business. Creating a logo and branding efforts should be supported by other elements such as a well-designed website, quality content, and a solid marketing strategy, social media postings and lead generation sources. When used in unison, these factors create a comprehensive approach to building a solid reputation and facilitating growth.